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Nov 5th, 2012 Being careful with your sports in London W1 Get in touch

Throughout your life in London W1, you and your dentist will endeavour to see that your teeth go the distance with you: you will use all the best products in order to keep your teeth healthy and free of disease and your dentist will be there to mop up any problems that arise. What the two of you can’t cater for however is the unexpected- injury. More and more of us turn to sport to unwind from a hectic day in the city and in some cases these sports will involve some form of contact. Boxing, karate, rugby and even football are superb ways to burn off energy and keep fit, but they carry the eternal risk of you hurting some part of the body, and this includes your mouth. As a motorcyclist protects the head, then you should always take precautions with your mouth. The most obvious way is to get a mouth-guard. You can buy these off the shelf, but if you are dead keen about the sport you play, you should have one made to not only fit your mouth, but one that is specifically designed to the sport that you do in order that damage to your gums and teeth is kept to a minimum, and impacts around the jaws are defused through the mouth-guard. Your dentist will be more than happy at helping you with your choice, as they don’t want to have to patch you up if they can help it.

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