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May 26th, 2012 Better Protection with Dental Sealants in Central London Get in touch

In order to protect the health of our teeth and that of our children, we try to practise the best oral hygiene program that we can. Yet when it comes to our kids in central London, it is not always easy to monitor what they are doing and when the little rogues go off to school, they can be shoving all manner of things into their mouths and for them, why not- they are of that age where they don’t actually care, you know, the indestructible age- you’ve been there! But that probably doesn’t ease the heart rate in any way. But as long as you are sure they are doing this right when they are looking after their teeth at home, there is a little creature comfort that will ease your worries when they are  away from you, for a good 10 years- dental sealants, and they are the best protection you can give to your child when they are growing up. Once they have got there second teeth settled, drag them down to the dentist, where their teeth will be cleaned with a gel, and a thin but durable layer of plastic will be laid on the surface of the teeth and then sealed. This is the area most vulnerable to decay and it will prevent any chance of fillings. 10 years is a long time and by that time, they will be through the choppy waters of tooth decay- who knows, when they fully understand, they might even thank you for it!

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