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Mar 15th, 2012 Biting Down in the City of London Get in touch

3428792_blogAlmost all dental treatments done in the city of London, from the fitting of crowns and fillings, having teeth replaced with the aid of implants and bridges to having a brace fitted, all often veer to a hidden agenda of looking after the occlusion of your mouth or the way you bite.

The idea is to ensure that your jaws come together as true as possible and everything that your dentist does is aimed at protecting this as much as they can.

If you consider for a moment the amount of stress that your jaws go through in the average day, most of these can impact on the two tiny joints where the jaws join and the muscles surrounding them. Having a true ‘bite’ will help to eliminate extra stress in these areas and prevent you suffering damage around the rest of your head, neck and shoulders.

It can take a series of treatments to get this right, which  normally begins with the fitting of braces in order to bring the teeth into line and limit the stress that goes through the teeth and into the jaws. Of course, as we get older, we need extra treatment  for our teeth,which may be required because of the wear and tear our mouths go through over time.This may require implants or crowns, even dentures if all of the teeth go, just to keep the jaws coming together correctly.

Maintaining a healthy occlusion will impact on our health overall in the long run.

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