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Jan 3rd, 2012 Bleaching the yellow in West London Get in touch


Having discoloured and yellow teeth isn’t a pretty sight at the best of times, but if you happen to love hob-knobbing it with the elite of west London, you don’t stand a chance of breaking into their ranks unless you do something about the way your smile looks. It isn’t that hard or expensive to do either if you shop around and get on board with what is offer right now. For example, for a mere £100, you can trek along to your dentists and have the latest laser whitening procedures that will turn the yellow to a Hollywood white within the hour. If this doesn’t tweak you, you can always purchase a DIY kit that you can do at home. But bleaching can be a bit radical and sometimes it is easy to go overboard with excitement when you really needn’t. There are some really subtle whitening toothpastes around, that if you use over a sustained period of time, can give excellent results to your teeth. Coupled with this, there are some excellent touch-up pens and brushes around that you can direct just at the places that need it and this last little pot of gems come in at under £10. So go on and do your research and get yourself back among the good looking jet-set.

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