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Sep 18th, 2014 Box Clever: Don’t Fight Without A Custom-Fit Mouth-Guard Get in touch

373639_blogBoxing is an adrenalin-fuelled, heavy hitting sport, which requires stamina, strength and guts. For all the many health benefits of exercise, there are sports that carry a risk of injury and boxing is among the most dangerous physical activities. If you’re a professional boxer, an amateur fighter or you like to just have a sparr in the ring now and again, we recommend wearing a custom-made mouth guard to lower the risk of dental injury.

The benefits of a custom-made mouth guard

We recommend mouth guards to protect the teeth from injuries, such as fractures and dislodged teeth and we strongly advise our patients to invest in a custom-made gum shield. Bespoke gum shields are fitted to the shape of your mouth so that they sit over the top of the teeth for a perfect fit. With inexpensive gum shields that you mould yourself, the fit is not as secure, the gum shield is not as comfortable and it may affect your performance. With our custom-made mouth guards, you can also enjoy the benefit of different design options and colour ways to make your gum shield stand out from the crowd.

Reducing the risk of dental injuries in contact sports

The best way to reduce your risk of dental injuries in contact sports is to wear a mouth guard, but there are other simple steps you can take, such as going for regular dental check-ups, maintaining good oral hygiene at home and using the appropriate protective equipment.

Dental injuries are fairly common in contact and fighting sports and the most common examples, including jaw injuries, facial cuts and lacerations, dislodged teeth and broken teeth. Wearing a mouth guard is an affordable and simple means of lowering the risk of injury and helping to keep your smile intact.

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