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Dec 9th, 2011 Braces and the choices in London W1 Get in touch

It’s that day when you either have to have braces fitted as a youngster or, have decided to finally jump in the deep end and get your teeth straightened after years of woe. Whatever situation you find yourself in London W1, you can be rest assured that the world of braces has changed dramatically over the years and there is something out there to suit you because it is not all about the metal anymore; braces have become discreet, faster and more efficient than they ever were, but it does depend on what the treatment you require and then to choose the brace/aligner you need. The Inman will pull your teeth into shape in as little as 6 weeks, if only your front teeth are buck. The 6 months brace- it’s on the label- it takes 6 months. But these braces are bespoke and a quick fix. More intricate work requires more intimate work and especially if you are young, the decision of what you opt for comes down to what you can afford and, psychologically, can deal with. Metal braces work well and do specialist work, however, the USA, the greatest providers of tooth aligners, have come up with a ‘gum-shield’ that is totally transparent and quick too. It is an important moment in life when you get your teeth straightened, so you should do your homework and confer with your dentist- and also see what you can afford

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