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Oct 6th, 2011 Braces and You in West London Get in touch

Braces…the moment you’ve been dreading west London, but it isn’t as frightening as you first think and if you consider the benefits of how your mouth will benefit in the future from having your teeth put into place, you’ll look back on the treatment and laugh- with beautiful teeth of course. If you sit down and have a good old fashioned chat with your dentist- which you will have to do anyway before you start on any program of tooth alignment, you may find yourself excited by the choice of braces you have to choose from. Money always comes into play with any dental treatment but there are ways of paying for it too and you should ask your dentist about this as well. There are many options of how to get your teeth straightened but it will always come down to what you require as teeth spring-out in different ways in different people. The fixed brace is what most of us think of when it comes to teeth alignment- they work well, are cheap but can seem to take an age to work and can be a nightmare to keep clean- unlike a removable aligner. The very fact you can take them out at any time means that you can carry on as normal when cleaning your teeth and having something to eat. Some of the new American aligners are also manufactured from clear plastic that when worn, you’d be hard pushed yourself to know you are wearing one if you looked in the mirror. Do your research, see what’s available and then break open the piggy bank- but most of all get the best device that will keep your mouth not only healthy, but that will leave you with a stunning smile once it’s all over.

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