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Sep 4th, 2012 Bracing for the inevitable in the city of London Get in touch

If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones living in the city of London that has to embark on a journey of teeth re-alignment, you should maybe sit back and consider your options because unlike the choices a few decades ago, you are rather spoilt with choice, so let’s start with basic fixed braces. Not only are these a cheap option, they work clinically well, especially in the most intricate and complex of cases. However, history states that they can look a little ungainly in the mouth, nay, ugly, although some of the more modern variations look very discreet, but they work with the utmost precision and set you up for the future. But there have been some phenomenally radical aligners come over from the USA over the years which work faster and almost, almost make the wearing of braces fast and fun and braces-of-the-day right now are the clear aligners: they come in the form of a gum-shield and made from a clear, transparent plastic that make them almost impossible to spot in the mouth. They work in a third of the time taken by fixed braces and are removable. It’s almost like there is a brace for every mouth and occasion these days. Yet if you want to find one that will blow your mind completely, it’s the Inman aligner. This device promises results in as little as 6 weeks! It rather makes ‘one of the unlucky ones’ phrase look mundane now. Teeth alignment is necessary for health reasons, as well as vanity reasons, but there has never been a better time to get your teeth fixed.

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