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Mar 13th, 2012 Bracing Your Teeth in London W1 Get in touch

2938667_blogHaving braces fitted is essential to straighten smiles in order to ensure that your bite is true and that your teeth look pretty.

Like everything dental these days, there is an incredible array of devices on offer to choose from in London W1, your choice, however, is always governed by the nature of the treatment you require.

If your orthodontic condition is quite complex, traditional fixed braces will need to be fitted in order to achieve the desired affect. Yes, fixed braces are hard to clean and are often noticeable, but they are extremely affective for moving difficult teeth.

Of course, the Americans are the best at teeth straightening and there are some extremely unique devices that have travelled from the US to London.In the last few years completely clear ‘gum-shields’ or removable aligners have been developed, which straighten your teeth without anyone even realising.

There is also another removable device called the Inman aligner that can whip those front teeth into shape in as little as 6 weeks!! Generally, all types of braces around right now are very sympathetic to the appearance of the wearer, utilizing the latest materials that look as discreet as possible when the device is fitted.

Not all braces fit all people, so you will need to be checked out first to get the brace that is suitable for your needs. This also comes down to what you can afford, so you need to do your research first and discuss everything with your dentist in order to get the best treatment for you.

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