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Nov 7th, 2013 Bridging the Thames in the City of London Get in touch

2603730_blogTooth loss is something that you hope to avoid during your life but it can strike at any time because of injury or disease, though when it does, you would be wise to find a way of overcoming it as quick as you can to help to keep the rest teeth and your gums free from further problems and infection. Replacing a tooth isn’t as hard as you are forgiven from initially thinking- just take a look at the dental bridge. This treatment has been floating around the city of London for many years and is an ideal way to get you through this worrying period. You first have to get measured up; if you choose CEREC, this will be done digitally, or the more conventional way is to have impressions taken around the affected area, this will determine the type of bridge that you have fitted. Once it has been made, it will be cemented into place or bonded in with resins. However, this treatment has been radically improved by using implants alongside the bridge offering brilliant strength to the fitting- which means that if you look after your bridge and keep it clean, it should last you a very long time.

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