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Sep 12th, 2014 Brighten Up Your Summer Holiday With A Whiter London Smile Get in touch

4843159_blogWhat better way to celebrate an amazing summer than to show off a bright white smile? With our incredible whitening treatments, you can enjoy the last of the summer holidays and usher in the autumn with a bang!

Our home whitening treatments

We offer whitening treatment, which gives your teeth an amazing glow with the luxury of home treatment; with our amazing professional whitening system, we can whiten your teeth without you even leaving the house. With home whitening, you undergo treatment in the comfort of your own home and the process couldn’t be simpler; you just wear a whitening tray for around 6 hours per day and you can look forward to showing off brand new sparkly pearly whites at the end!

The trays are custom-made to make sure that they are comfortable and they fit perfectly and they contain whitening agent, which gradually lightens and brightens the teeth. You wear the trays (most people wear theirs at night) for around 10-14 days and you should notice a significant difference. You can also top up your treatment if you would like to give your smile a whitening boost after a few months.

Is home whitening safe?

We use professional whitening products, which are approved for use in the UK and we carry out consultations with all our patients prior to treatment. We also offer follow-up care. Whitening treatment is very popular and it does produce amazing results without any pain or hassle; however, it is important to see a qualified dentist for safe and effective treatment.

After whitening treatment, some people experience very mild sensitivity, but most people do not have any side-effects.

If you’d like to find out more about home whitening and how it could give you the perfect summer smile, call us now!

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