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Apr 3rd, 2018 Brightening Your Smile for Less With Teeth Whitening Get in touch

Are you looking for an affordable, effective means of brightening up your smile for spring? If so, we have great news! Our incredible whitening treatments cater for all budgets. Whether you’re keen to take advantage of convenient home whitening or you’re eager to explore the wonders of Enlighten treatment, we can help you achieve a radiant smile for less.

Home whitening

Home whitening is an amazing budget-friendly treatment option, which offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. We have carefully selected treatments that are designed to create stunning smiles with minimal hassle. With home whitening, you can enjoy dazzling results without leaving home. All you have to do is wear your custom-made whitening trays for around 6 hours per day for 10-14 days. You can wear the trays during the night or while you’re chilling out in front of the TV. It’s entirely up to you! There’s no pain involved, and you’ll notice a difference after just a few days. Home whitening is one of the cheapest cosmetic treatments on the market, and it can make an incredible difference to your smile, as well as your confidence.


Enlighten is a more expensive option than home whitening, but it produces results that last for years. Enlighten is widely regarded as the best professional whitening system on the market. It combines elements of home treatment with an in-chair power whitening session for the best results. For 14 days, you’ll wear customised Enlighten trays that contain whitening agent, and on the 15th day, you’ll come in for a one-hour whitening session that will leave your pearly whites sparkling.

If you’re interested in wonderful whitening treatment, why not get in touch today to find out more about our prices and special offers?

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