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Mar 16th, 2011 Brightening your Smile with Enlighten Tooth Whitening in the City of London Get in touch

If you’ve noticed of late that your teeth are starting to get a bit grubby and are starting to lose their sheen, it may be time to consider getting your teeth whitened. Now just what route you should take is probably best discussed with your dentist, for there are a lot of treatments out to choose from. But one of the treatments that are highly rated in dental circles right now is Enlighten tooth whitening, because of its track records of results. Most bleaching techniques, especially home kits, can leave a rather cheap powdery, finish to the teeth, because of the speed in which they work. But Enlighten works more slowly over a period of 14 days. Once you have chosen the treatment, bespoke trays are made up for you at your dentists. Then, you take them home, and just before you go to sleep, you fill them with the bleaching agent and pop them over the teeth. You repeat the process every night over two weeks, whilst avoiding foods likely to stain, but using toothpastes that contain whitening agents- and then you pay a visit to your dentist for a quick laser treatment. Enlightening hey? Another reason behind this treatments success is that the whole of your teeth look as though you have had a mouthful of porcelain veneers fitted; that takes a fortnight too. Veneers for the whole mouth can cost over £20000, Enlighten from £600….you do the maths because that isn’t much in the city of London.

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