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Oct 28th, 2013 Brushing over tooth loss with a Dental Bridge in West London Get in touch

2904387_blogFor the last few decades, dental bridges have been solving the problems of tooth loss for thousands of people, and they are still going strong, which rather proves how good and resilient they are. But like any other treatment, the bridge has learned to move with the times and changes in technology. Many could have been put in using resins and wires, but the more popular choice was to have a new tooth or teeth cemented in between the adjacent teeth either side of the gap. Today though, combined with a fitting of a mini-implant into the jaw, it has made the bridge even more reliable and robust by anchoring it firmly against the gums. If you learn how to clean your fitting properly, then you should be able to get over 15 years of reliable work out of it. Mulberry Dental Care are experts in dentistry and are based in Surrey, but they serve the area of west London, so if you’d like to know lots more about this wonderful way to get over the issue of losing a tooth or two, give them a call for advice- they are only too willing to help you out.

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