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Jun 1st, 2011 Brushing the blues away in London W1 Get in touch

If you are of a fighting nature in London W1, then there is no better fight than the ongoing one with plaque each day. Win this one and you can take a bow, because you are also eliminating an even greater one later on against the heavyweights of gum disease and tooth decay. But you shouldn’t be overly concerned because you have a pretty good team in you corner to fight plaque. Take a look around and you’ll find a pretty impressive range of toothbrushes available to help you out. The best ones on the market are the electric range of brushes that remove all the physical hard work you have to do in brushing. Some have alternating heads, others rotary, some hydra brushes even deliver water as you brush to rinse away the dirt. These are very powerful but the heads are inter-changeable, so you can have soft or hard bristles to suit you (don’t forget to keep them clean and change them regularly). Once you’re happy with your choice, then there are some pretty awesome toothpastes out there to can choose from, with ingredients and minerals in, specifically designed to tackle plaque. The final trump card you can play, if you have any reservations about the way you brush your teeth, is a dye that you apply to your teeth that will highlight any presence of plaque in the mouth. Don’t throw this fight eh?!

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