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Jan 5th, 2012 Brushing to Health in London’s W1 Get in touch


Since the invention of the toothbrush and toothpaste, oral hygiene has been completely on the up and our mouths in London W1 have never been healthier. But even the way we brush has moved on radically with new modern brushes that have made the process an exact science in today’s world. The thing that dentists are consumed by is the removal of plaque from the teeth that will prevent further issues such as periodontal and gum disease from arising, and of course, make their lives a lot easier when treating you, and brushes have been developed in such a way as to ease plaque build up in the mouth. Just take a look at the range of brushes on sale right now- they are soft bristled, hard bristled and perfectly angled to get deeper in the mouth than ever before. They are colour coded so that they can tell you when to get a new one, but probably the best advancement has come with the introduction of the electric toothbrush. These too come in various guises; some rotate, some go back and forth, and there are even some that pulse will they go back and forth aimed specifically at removing plaque. Bit of a minefield, but check with your dentist first before slashing out on the latest gadgets, but it sure is a fact that you are now living amongst a world of toothbrushes that maximise your oral hygiene.

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