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Nov 12th, 2012 Brushing your Teeth to freedom in West London Get in touch

One of the most basic ways to clean your teeth in west London, is by brushing, a procedure in oral hygiene that has been important to us throughout modern history. But you can’t help but notice just how many options you have to do this with. Like any other product you can buy, there is an incredible range of brushes to choose from. However, before you rush out for the latest gadget, ensure that you are brushing correctly first and removing any bacteria correctly that may have built up on the surfaces of your teeth: your dentist can help, but practise in front of the mirror until you’re confident you are getting it right. You can buy a whole range of brushes: some are angled in certain ways, others have flexible necks. Then there is an incredible range of electric toothbrushes on the market that will do the work for you, if you point them in the right direction. With such a choice, it may take a while before you get the one that works for you- as will getting the right bristles that suit the condition of your teeth and gums. But in all cases, you should change the brush, or the head of an electric one regularly, to ensure that you are getting the optimum results from brushing.

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