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Jan 27th, 2014 Buying Whitening Products at your Convenience in London W1 Get in touch

4546258_blogOne of the greatest joys in the field of modern dentistry is that you get more of a say in what you want done in London W1. You have also the luxury of going it alone when it comes to having your teeth whitened. Self whitening products are big business today and it cuts out the need for visiting the dentist to get the job done. Most big retail supermarkets and chemists stock an array of products that can help to make your teeth shine once more- so do a little research first and get the right thing for you. The cheapest end of the market is the whitening toothpastes; for just around a few quid you can start brushing with this stuff and begin to see the difference in just a few days. Then you move up to bleaching pens and brushes; these are excellent for just touching-up the odd tooth or two that has become discoloured. After this you can buy bleaching strips or if it takes your fancy, a whole kit that you take away and work with at home alone. This is a golden time for such products and it does give you a sense of independence away from your dentist, however, be cautious here; check with your dentist first that you are not showing signs of gum disease because if you are, bleaching can cause serious damage to your mouth.

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