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Oct 27th, 2011 Cancer and your mouth in London W1 Get in touch

Oral cancer in London W1- at times it perplexes the best of professional people that work in dental circles but one thing is for sure, if you live a lifestyle that is shall we say, a disease works. But there is no mistaking the fact when you get it, then you enter a brave new world. You know when your body is acting inappropriately and you should be aware of when anything is going wrong in the mouth- repetitive ulcers and trouble with swallowing is the time you should get down to the dentist and get yourself tested. You’ll go through a delicate period of a couple of weeks before you know if the news is bad and then, depending on the extent of the problem, that will decide on how you will be treated- it could be chemo or radio therapy. But the key to beating this is how you pull out of the nose dive after the treatment. Once you have been diagnosed, it is then the time to get all the support elements in place to ensure that you give yourself a flying chance to get healthy again.

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