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Mar 18th, 2013 Caring for Broken Teeth in West London Get in touch

If your teeth become damaged for any reason in west London, it’s imperative that you get to your dentist and get them patched up as soon as you can. Any minor chip and crack can seem innocuous enough, but without it being treated, you could be exposing yourself to further complications in the future. A broken tooth can harbour food which would normally be easy to remove by regular brushing; it is also easy for problems like tooth decay to get a hold before you know it: the enamel on your teeth is there for a reason and the moment it becomes damaged, your teeth are ‘open season’ for plaque and other bullies. Seeing your dentist quickly can help reduce such threats from getting out of hand. Your dentist can cover up a broken tooth with a veneer, cosmetic bonding, offer you a crown to further avoid decay, give you a filling, dental sealants- literally anything to stop the problem from escalating. An exposed tooth from injury is a dangerous one to the rest of your mouth and so you would be well advised to get it sorted out as soon as you have a problem.


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