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Apr 5th, 2013 Caring for tooth loss with a Dental Bridge in the City of London Get in touch

Tooth loss can be a great shock for some people in the city of London and quite soul destroying to the beauty of your smile. But for whatever reason this has happened, it is better to get yourself together and come up with a way to replace it as soon as you can. Losing a tooth can cause trauma throughout the mouth; other teeth may mourn the loss and start moving towards the gap, infection may follow and the gap is a great haven for food and bacteria. Dental bridges have proven their worth over the years, and though hard to clean at first, they are a great way to solve the problem. Some bridges can be moulded in using resin and wires; others can be cemented onto the surrounding teeth. If you have lost a couple of teeth in a row, this cementing in of the bridge can be aided by the fitting of a dental implant into the jawbone. Whatever method you choose, a bridge is very durable and if cared for over the years, will give you at least 15 years of service and no-one will ever spot that you have had one fitted, because they look so natural once in place. Ask your dentist about this treatment, it won’t take long to do and though not cheap, you may be able to bash out some form of payment plan; that said, getting one will maintain the health of your mouth.


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