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Nov 22nd, 2012 Caring for your mouth with Herbal Remedies in London Get in touch

Whilst we thunder head long into the future using all of the best products to care for our teeth with, it can often be a bit of a social experiment because only now are we seeing that fluoride and amalgam fillings for example, aren’t what they were cracked up to be when they were being used many years ago. Which is why dentists and patients are enlisting the help of herbal remedies to use in treatments and everyday procedures and these products can be found all over London. As well as being able to buy herbal toothpastes and mouthwashes, which come free of fluoride (baking soda is often found in these products), herbal solutions can help with awkward conditions in the mouth such as wisdom teeth or toothache: clove oil has always been a great remedy for pain. But probably the most dramatic use of these herbal remedies has come with the treatment of gum disease: salt water is also good. Aloe Vera and Echinacea oils are great to rub into the gums, as it takes the fire out of the disease, and this is even better when a few drops are put onto some dental floss. Calendula oil, lemon and cranberry juice and certain honeys are great for gum disease. If you can find a good herbalist, you can get concoctions made up that will not only stop gum disease, but reverse it in some cases and prevent any further periodontal disease taking place.

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