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Apr 18th, 2016 Cavity-Free Smiles with Cosmetic Bonding Get in touch

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Metal fillings have been a staple part of dentistry for many years now and have effectively filled millions of cavities in teeth.  But they have arguably been surpassed for effectiveness by cosmetic bonding techniques.  Having a cavity in one or more of your teeth can be a painful business and it is best if you sort it out, however many people can be put off because of the unsightly appearance of metal fillings.  If you have a cavity or unwanted metal fillings, read on to find out about cosmetic bonding techniques.

Dental composite is a mouldable substance made from fillers and acrylic resin. If you wish to have a metal filling replaced, cosmetic bonding using dental composite might be the ideal solution. Your dentist is able to select the appropriate shade of dental composite so that it matches the unique tone of your very own teeth.  Then the area will be cleaned up and your dentist will apply an adherent gel to ensure the bond holds firm to your tooth.

This is then subjected to a special curing light to give the bond optimum finish before it is buffed and polished.  The result is a filling that is virtually unnoticeable, matched perfectly to the colour of the rest of your teeth.  Modern techniques allow this process to be carried out even faster than before. Digital x-rays, for example, do not have to be sent of the lab for processing, meaning that your cavity can be filled with some speed.

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