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Jan 16th, 2013 Central London Can Make You Smile In Just 6 Months Get in touch

Many traditionally fixed braces work wonders in central London and although they do it with the utmost precision, they come with two traits that people loathe about the whole ethos of braces- treatment times and the ugliness of the way they look. However, the 6 months Brace tends to buck this trend. It’s a device that incorporates all the good things about fixed braces and improves the bad as well. A series of discreetly coloured pads are placed of the surfaces of the offending teeth and linked together with a wire before being anchored at the back of mouth. As well as looking discreet, the fact that this brace works only on the teeth that offend when you smile, means that it wastes no time at getting to work in the right places. From time to time, your dentist will tighten it accordingly to keep your teeth on the go. It is so efficient, that it really does what it says it can- it solves your problems in a little as 6 months. As with all fixed braces, it requires extra effort when it comes to oral hygiene, but it’s only a matter of practise, nothing compared to what it will do for your smile in such a short amount of time.

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