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Nov 8th, 2008 Central London Dental Clinic Offers Six Month Brace Get in touch

Your Central London Dental Clinic is now offering the six month brace. An alternative to regular orthodontic braces and Invisalign, the braces and wires used for this procedure are tooth coloured and are hardly noticeable. This procedure is recommended for patients over 15 years old that have imperfect smiles, misaligned teeth, and/or spaces and crowding of their teeth. One type of orthodontic device used to straighten teeth is braces, which have been used for years to straighten teeth. Recently, many types of braces and clear devices have been used to straighten teeth. One of the latest being Invisalign.
Different types of braces have been used in the U.S., and are now being offered in the U.K. in Central London. They do away with the lengthy orthodontic procedure, taking between 6-9 months to complete. Despite scepticism, these new braces are installed using up-to-date techniques, and are used to straighten teeth quickly and safely. Special nickel titanium wires are used to move the teeth and the brackets are tooth coloured, and are therefore hardly noticeable. These braces use light forces to align the teeth, consequently causing only temporary discomfort. They also do not damage your teeth or gums because of the short duration of treatment. They are also significantly less expensive than normal braces. So, visit your Central London Dental Clinic for a consultation a the 6 month brace!

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