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Aug 16th, 2011 Central London dentist administers root canal treatment to clean out infected pulp chamber Get in touch

A whole branch of dentistry is not well known by many people in the general public and yet it is a vital part of maintaining oral hygiene. It is called endodontics and it is concerned with the interior of teeth rather than the exterior. It is so important because it is the interior of your teeth that is the part that is effectively ‘alive’ and it needs to be taken care of. A very important procedure that forms part of endodontics is the procedures known as root canal treatment.

The inside of your teeth is called the pulp chamber. This is contrary to what many people believe of teeth: that they are solid. On the contrary, your teeth are actually hollow and inside the hollow is a mass of important material that is collectively known as ‘pulp’. This name doesn’t do justice to the complexity of the material that is housed there. Inside a tooth you will find nerves and blood vessels and they are vulnerable to infection if a patient suffers from an accident affecting the mouth or an infection gains access to the inside of the tooth.

In these cases, dentists will need to get access to the pulp chamber to remove the infected material. The obvious way might seem to drill through the teeth, but this is not a desirable way of doing it as the hole that would be created in the tooth would have to be filled. Instead, dentists in Central London and beyond prefer to enter the tooth through the root canal which is the area that the nerves and blood vessels can get into the tooth through. This is what constitutes root canal treatment.

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