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Jun 11th, 2010 Central London dentist completes smile with dermal fillers Get in touch

If you have just paid out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for cosmetic dentistry work you want to be sure that your smile looks its very best. You may not have realised but the smile is about more than just the teeth and a mouth full of beaming white, healthy looking teeth will look slightly incongruous with wrinkles all around it. After all, every great picture deserves a great frame.

There is an easy solution to firm the skin around the mouth to complete the look of a great smile. Dermal fillers such as collagen firm and plump the skin around the mouth by using a substance called hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance in the body that binds moisture in cells. This stops them from drying out and keeps them firm and fresh.

More and more dentists in the UK are now offering dermal fillers as part of a standard practice. The actual procedure is relatively painless and involves several small injections with a very fine needle. These can even take place after an anaesthetic gel has been applied to the area in question to minimise feeling even more. This will mean the whole procedure is completely painless.

Most dermal fillers last for somewhere between three and six months before they need to be topped up. They are perfectly safe for use in the body and will break down naturally after a period of time. Central London dentists are now offering dermal fillers as part of a wider smile makeover or as one off treatments to improve the appearance of the skin on the face and neck. Make an appointment to find out more details.

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