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Mar 12th, 2010 Central London dentist explains the association between Gum Disease and Diabetes Get in touch

If you suffer from diabetes then you need to take extra care in your oral hygiene program says a Central London dentist. The fact that diabetics have a lower immune system is also something they need to address. Infections are more easily contracted by a diabetic, and as diabetes is a blood related disease it is especially important that the gums are kept healthy and cut free. It is now known through research that oral cuts caused by soft and infected gums, are a major gateway of bacteria based infections in the blood stream. Diabetics have enough problems keeping their sugar and fat levels down to a bare minimum, that they really don’t need to have more problems through a bad oral hygiene program. At the first sign of an infection a diabetic should get a dentist to investigate the problem, it is so important that antibiotics are given early to bring down the infection and keep the swelling to a minimum. Your dentist is there to help you with your diabetes and gum disease problems, as well as your doctor. The way your dentist will help you is by keeping an extra eye on your gums, and by advising you through the dental hygiene nurse and those 6 monthly check ups. Diabetes comes in 2 forms which are type 1 and type 2, type 2 is generally kept under control by diet and /or tablets, but it is type 1 that will concern your dentist more as this one is controlled by insulin injections, diet and tablets. Type 1 diabetics are more prone to gum disease, and that can advance into Gingivitis which will eat away the gum line quite quickly. A diabetic’s immune system cannot keep getting antibiotics as the system will become immune to them, so it is so much more important that type 1 sufferers in particular follow an extra carefully planned oral hygiene regime.

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