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Sep 19th, 2009 Central London dentist fight tooth decay with sucrose substitutes Get in touch

Sucrose substitutes are food additives that replicate the sweetness of normal table sugar (sucrose) in food. The substitutes are usually compounds which have a sweetness intensity far greater than normal sugar, so the amount needed to sweeten food products is greatly reduced. Some sucrose substitutes are naturally occurring while some others are artificially produced.

The primary uses for sucrose substitutes are to aid in weight loss and to help prevent dental cavities. They are more tooth friendly because they are not fermented by the microflora of the dental plaque. The World Health Organisation has recommended the use of these sugar substitutes in the production of sweet food because of the obvious health benefits.

A high intake of sucrose can cause high levels of acids to develop in the mouth which causes a change in the natural pH. This acidic state encourages the development of plaque which attacks and breaks down tooth enamel, the protective coating of the teeth. Once the enamel has been breeched the bacteria continues to attack the tooth causing cavities to develop that will need dental treatment to prevent further infection.

A Central London dentist will be able to inform you which sucrose substitutes are the most beneficial to the teeth and regular check ups with them will help prevent the spread of cavities and tooth decay.

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