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Sep 12th, 2009 Central London dentist has cure for embarrassing bad breath Get in touch

At one point in our lives we have probably all been embarrassed, or shown up, for having bad breath. It can happen to anyone at any time unless you take some simple precautions to stop it. After all it can be very hard to tell if you have bad breath. We’ve probably all done the hand-cupping manoevre at one time and it rarely works. Because of this it can often be a source of great anxiety, and nobody wants to be known as the ‘guy with bad breath’.

Although the causes of bad breath can be internal and caused by issues such as poor digestion, recent studies have shown that almost 90% of cases of bad breath are caused by poor standards of oral hygiene. The mouth is a perfect location for bacteria to exist, with over 500 million different types of bacteria existing on the human tongue alone. Food matter, caught between teeth or in the grooves of the tongue, produce volatile sulfurous compounds which are the cause of most cases of bad breath.

So what can we do about it? Using a mouthwash will help to mask the odour but is really only treating the symptoms not the cause. The best treatment for bad breath, as it is so often when it comes to oral hygiene, is regular and effective brushing and flossing. Brushing twice a day for three minutes and flossing once a day helps to fight plaque, the substance which acts as a breeding ground for decaying bacterial matter. Not only does brushing and flossing help to prevent bad breath but by maintaining high standards of oral hygiene your mouth will overall be far healthier and you’ll be far less likely to suffer from further periodontal problems, and even general health problems. Two birds, one stone springs to mind.

Bad breath can therefore act as your first warning that improvements need to be made in your mouth. You need to brush better, floss more and keep your teeth healthy and clean. A Central London dentist will be able to offer advice on which brushes will work for you, and it always wise to keep up regular six month check to make sure that bad smelling plaque is getting the upper hand.

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