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Sep 17th, 2009 Central London dentist helps avoid excess fluoride causing dental caries Get in touch

Fluoride is a chemical that has been added to water for over half a century with the purported belief that it prevents tooth decay and dental cavities. However, like many drugs, fluoride has been proven to cause that which it supposed to cure. Tooth decay rates are actually increasing in areas of high water fluoridation yet some dentists continue to ignore the evidence and prescribe more fluoride directly or advocate adding it to the water supply.

The common belief is that drinking the optimum levels of fluoride each day can help prevent tooth decay without any negative side effects. While there may be some truth in this it is also true that anything above this optimal level and fluoride can actually be the cause of dental cavities or caries.

The most obvious sign of excess fluoride is fluorosis, a condition that leaves the teeth stained yellow or even brown. This is most caused by an overexposure to fluoride in the developing years between one and six. According to recent research in the US dental cavities occur more commonly in patients who suffer from fluorosis.

One of the main problems is that children are already receiving the optimum amounts of fluoride which occurs naturally in water and most food substances. Added to this the fluoridated water and the use of fluoride tablets and fluoride toothpaste and some children are far exceeding the recommended amount. This is leaving them prone to flourosis and dental cavities later in life.

Many dentists now believe that a healthy and balanced diet, one which eliminates high sugar content food, will provide enough fluoride for the average child to defend against cavities without the need for adding fluoride to drinking water. Flouride has for too long been used as a safety net against poor diets but it would seem even this strategy is not working. Ireland suffers from a tooth decay rate higher than five other European countries that don’t fluoridate the water, which would seem to prove that fluoride is doing little to stem the rate of decay and in large quantities may even be responsible for it. Central London dentists can advise patients and parents on the necessary levels of fluoride and will recommend which toothpastes are suitable to use in your area.

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