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Nov 8th, 2009 Central London dentist straightens teeth faster and easier with Damon braces Get in touch

As the technology behind orthodontistry improves, the speed, comfort and discretion of straightening treatments also show a similar significant improvement. Nowhere is this more evident than with Damon braces. The Damon system epitomises how the very latest technology is being utilised to achieve stunning results.

Damon braces use friction-free technology to achieve a much more comfortable straightening experience achieved in a much faster time than conventional orthodontic braces. It also limits the need for dental extractions and palate expanders prior to treatment.

The brace works by using self-ligating memory wires which make the movement of the teeth quicker. Damon braces can straighten teeth 4 to 6 months quicker than conventional fixed braces on average. The special wires also mean that there is no need for elastic or metal ties which improves oral hygiene. Also, because the wires use a friction free slide mechanism there is no need for painful tightening appointments.

Damon braces are also designed to be more discreet than other fixed metal braces. Although not as clear as some clear plastic retainers such as Invisalign and Clearstep, the majority of the bracket is made of ceramic-reinforced material meaning it is mostly tooth-coloured. Other parts of the bracket are manufactured using clear plastic which also reduces the visual impact of the brace.

Teeth straightening with Damon braces can be slightly more costly than with conventional treatments but the increased benefits of the system far outweigh the extra cost. Damon braces straighten teeth quicker, better and more comfortably than almost all other braces. Costs are also saved because there is no need for dental extraction or palate expanders. Patients are also able to save time because the braces do not need regular tightening appointments with the dentist.

A Central London dentist will be able to explain in further detail the benefits of using the Damon system and give you a clearer idea of the cost following an initial consultation.

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