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Feb 19th, 2010 Central London dentist uses pioneering Waterlase technology Get in touch

It seems that every year there is another breakthrough in the world of dentistry that provides patients with safer and easier treatments. The latest in this line of developments is a new dentistry tool called Waterlase. This pioneering new technology can be used for a variety of treatments on both the teeth and the gums making treatments much more comfortable than has previously been possible.

Lasers have been used for a number of years now in dental treatment because of the advantages they have over other equipment. Because lasers use heat the chances of infection are greatly reduced. They also have a cauterising effect, which means that wounds are sealed immediately after incision so that there is reduced blood loss and recovery times are vastly improved.

Waterlase was first used in the US at the very end of the 90s and has been successfully used across the country by thousands of dentists. The technology is now being more and more widely used in the UK and represents a genuine technological shift in the future of dentistry. Waterlase is even being used as an alternative to the much-feared dentist’s drill in many procedures. Waterlase removes the need for pressure and vibration to achieve the same results as the drill and uses a fine mist of water to limit the affects of heat in the mouth.

Waterlase is an incredibly accurate tool that is being used right now by Central London dentists to treat patients with a variety of complaints. Ask your dentist about the possibilities at your next appointment.

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