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Aug 31st, 2011 Central London dentists can help you stop tooth decay from taking hold Get in touch

Tooth decay is something to be avoided as best you can because the consequences can be difficult to deal with. Taking the time to improve the way you look after your teeth is a much more pleasant prospect than having to have fillings put in your mouth or, even worse, to deal with the fact that one of your teeth needs to be removed because it is failing.

That is the potential consequence of tooth decay that has gone too far: an extraction because of the failure of a tooth. It is the last resort for dentists and they will try and advise about how this can be avoided. The thing to remember when it comes to tooth decay is that it is ultimately caused by the substance known as plaque. While plaque cannot be avoided as such, it can be minimised and then effectively removed from the mouth.

Brushing and flossing are the best places to start of course. The process of brushing your teeth with a tooth brush and fluoride tooth paste rids the teeth of most of the plaque that builds up after eating and drinking. The failure to do this or do it properly, can leave plaque on the teeth, free to erode the layer of enamel and cause teeth to decay.

Even if you think you are brushing and flossing as well as you can do, your dentist might be able to spot signs of tooth decay. This is another great reason to go and visit your Central London dentist every six months or as directed. Tooth decay can then be effectively stopped in its tracks.

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