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Jun 17th, 2011 Central London dentists give patients all the facts about oral products and bad breath Get in touch

Nobody wants to have to shield their mouths at parties and social occasions, but the awareness that there are foul odours emitting from your mouth might drive you to do so. Bad breath is a nightmare for anyone it affects and most people will do their utmost to combat it. Anyone who watches televisions and reads magazines will see the adverts for mouth washes which proclaim an end to bad breath but dentists are advising patients that they can actually make the problem worse.

The thing about mouth washes is that they kill pretty much all of the bacteria in peoples’ mouths. This is a good thing in the sense that bad breath bacteria are killed, but not all of the bacteria in your mouth are bad; some of them are beneficial. The fact that all of the bacteria are killed by mouth wash actually then leaves the mouth in an ideal condition for more bad breath bacteria to form quickly and then hang around. This is because bad breath bacteria love a dry mouth because it enables them to stick to teeth more easily.

The best way to combat bad breath effectively is to make sure that you are brushing your teeth properly and flossing too so that none of the bacteria can hide between teeth. Diet too can play an important part and we all know that certain foods are worse for bad breath than others. Your tongue is also a favourite spot for bad breath bacteria so it is a good idea to brush there too. Feel free to take any of your bad breath concerns to your Central London dentist because he or she will be able to help.

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