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Feb 1st, 2011 Central London dentists help stop baby bottle tooth decay Get in touch

Keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay is important at all ages but for babies who are just developing their first set of teeth, it is especially vital. You should establish a relationship with a dentist from the earliest days of your baby’s life so that their mouth can be monitored properly. Dental experts advise that a leading cause of dental problems in babies is a condition called baby bottle tooth decay.

If your baby’s teeth are in prolonged contact with any substance apart from water then there is a danger of decay occurring. This is because human’s first teeth are incredibly fragile while the enamel is developing.

The best way to stop your baby from experiencing baby bottle tooth decay is to not allow him or her to have a bottle of milk or formula for too long. They should just be drinking it while they are thirsty but not sucking on it for a long period of time.

You should not leave a bottle in bed with your baby because they will tend to reach for it and suck on it in the night. Some experts even suggest that bottles should only be given to babies at meal times. In any event, try to get your infant to drink from a ‘tipping cup’ as soon as they are able. This reduces the risk of liquids having prolonged contact with the developing baby teeth.

You should clean your baby’s teeth once there are able seven or eight teeth in the mouth but be sure to use a soft bristled brush so that damage is not sustained. By the age of two your child ought to be brushing their own teeth twice a day and using fluoride tooth paste if you can be sure that they won’t swallow it. Talk to your Central London dentist for more advice.

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