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Feb 19th, 2011 Central London dentists offer diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer Get in touch

Of all the things that can affect your mouth, oral cancer is probably the most damaging. It can leave you needing invasive and difficult treatment and can be fatal. It has not had the large scale coverage that other cancers have had in recent years but it ought to be taken seriously. Thankfully you have a good chance of beating oral cancer if you keep up the habit of visiting your dentist every six months so your mouth can be monitored by a professional.

The high risk groups for oral cancer include those who smoke and regularly drink an excess of alcohol. Men are more likely to contract the disease then women too. But it should be born in mind that a quarter of all oral cancer patients are not from these high risk groups.

Symptoms of oral cancer might be that your gums are beginning to seem a little swollen and have rust coloured patches on them. You might find that your teeth don’t seem to ‘fit’ that well in your mouth anymore and your gums are more sensitive than they used to be. Sudden weightloss is sometimes associated with the onset of cancers generally and this applies to the oral variety too.

Contact your Central London dentist if you are worried about oral cancer. The survival rates are fairly high if oral cancer is spotted early and dealt with effectively but, like all cancers, the further it is allowed to progress the more grim the prognosis. Be sure to visit your dentist every six months so that the state of your mouth can be monitored by someone who knows all the early signs of incipient oral cancer.

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