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Dec 23rd, 2010 Central London dentists straighten teeth quickly and effectively with Inman aligners Get in touch

If you have been put off having your teeth straightened by the lengthy processes involved with wearing traditional braces, there is a new product that might change your opinion and encourage you to achieve the perfectly aligned smile. Inman aligners can straighten your teeth in only six weeks and far more discreet than the unsightly metal bracket system of traditional braces.

The average time of treatment involved with Inman aligners is less than six months and the fact that the product is completely removable means that it is far more convenient too. Traditional braces can trap food and their permanence mean that they are difficult to clean. Inman aligners can be removed when cleaning and taken out for social occasions if you feel that doing so will boost your self confidence.

Inman aligners can be so discreet because the working parts are inside your mouth. There a coiled spring gently pushed out your teeth against a special straightening bar which runs in front of your front teeth. This is the only part of the Inman aligner which is visible. Inman aligners are not suitable for all teeth alignment jobs and cannot rotate teeth but small alignment issues are easily solved using Inman.

The cost is roughly the same as most other orthodontic treatments even though it is so much speedier. If you have problems with the alignment of your teeth and want to solve it quickly and discreetly, speak to your Central London dentist today about the solutions offered by Inman aligners.

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