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Dec 16th, 2010 Central London dentists use digital x-rays to speed up dental processes Get in touch

The invention of the x-ray was incredible leap forward for the whole of medical science, allowing professionals to get views of the body which had been hitherto impossible. The advent of digital x-rays in dentistry has improved on these methods even more and dentists can now use these techniques to speed up procedures and even make savings on costs.

Dental processes using traditional x-rays could be made even lengthier than they had to be because of the need for repeated x-rays. The flat, 2D images that traditional x-rays give, mean that, for dentists to get different views in the mouth, they would have to take a number of them. The wait would often be even longer as the images had to be developed in a lab.

Digital x-rays allow dentists incredible 3D views of the mouth in just one image. They are saved onto the latest computers, giving dentists the chance to ‘explore’ the mouth on screen in three dimensions. These images can be used with other technology for incredible results. For example, having a veneer fitted using CEREC techniques involved your dentist taking a 3D x-ray of your mouth which is sent to an online milling machine. This machine constructs your veneer, ready to be fitted in just six minutes.

The reductions in time needed to be spent at the dentist will be excellent news for anyone who suffers from dental anxiety or is extremely busy and can’t take much time off work. Because lab fees are largely eliminated, processes using digital x-rays don’t cost much more than traditional procedures. Ask your Central London dentist today about how digital x-rays are revolutionising dentistry.

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