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Jan 2nd, 2011 Central London offer advice about cosmetic bonding Get in touch

Cosmetic Bonding is the process of fixing a tooth coloured material (usually a durable plastic material) to the tooth or teeth to improve it aesthetically in appearance, it is also a method which is employed to repair a damaged or defective teeth. Its other dental uses are, acting as an inlay or white filling, to fill aesthetically poor gaps in the teeth, and reshaping the teeth. The process is relatively straightforward and can be carried out in one visit. First a material is chosen which has similar properties to the teeth both in appearance and durability, the dentist then moulds the desired shape onto the tooth and sets it in place with a UV (ultra violet) light. During the treatment you will feel little pain as a local anaesthetic will be given, there may be some slight discomfort during the preparation stage but it will be mild. Following the procedure you may feel some increased sensitivity in the treated teeth however this will ease over time and is part of the bonding process. It is advised that strict brushing routine should follow the procedure to prevent further damage, also avoiding hard foods such as apples is recommended, and in addition to this regular visits to the dentist will be required. Cosmetic bonding can be carried out at Central London dentist, where the treatment you require can be discussed with a dental professional.

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