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Oct 8th, 2009 Central London straightens teeth with discreet Invisalign braces Get in touch

Invisible braces had existed for many years but many dentists were reluctant to use them because of their limited success rate. Then in 1999 Align Technologies introduced the Invisalign system. These new, clear plastic braces were not just discreet but also produced results.

For patients who require orthodontic teeth straightening the idea of wearing an ugly and uncomfortable metal brace for the best part of two years is not a pleasant one. Added to this, most patients who require teeth straightening are in their teenage years, when straightening is most effective. It has always seemed cruel to inflict braces on patients who are in their most difficult and turbulent years of emotional development. At a time when you don’t want to be singled out, a metal brace can do just that.

Until Invisalign braces came out, plastic braces were more or less ineffectual to all but a small percentage of patients. Invisalign braces have proven to be far more effective. The system involves wearing a consecutive series of braces, on average about twenty, each making a small adjustment to the position of the teeth, which gradually straightens them. Each clear retainer is worn for about two to three weeks, but again this varies with each patient.

The retainers are made form one millimetre thick clear plastic that is constructed using the very latest in 3D imaging and digital x-rays. The computer aided manufacture also means that the retainers can be constructed to incredible degrees of accuracy. The retainers also have the added advantage of being completely removable which means that certain foods are not off limits like with conventional braces.

Invisalign treatments last slightly longer than metal braces on average, but the added level of discretion is increasingly making them the retainer of choice. The retainers are so discreet that it is hard to tell if someone is wearing them unless standing very close. This discretion can be invaluable to teenage patients, and to older patients wishing to avoid the stigma of wearing braces.

If you think you may be a suitable candidate for teeth straightening and can’t face the sacrifice of wearing an unseemly metal brace, ask a Central London dentist about Invisalign braces and you could achieve the straight teeth you’ve always wanted with maximum discretion.

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