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Apr 19th, 2012 Cerec Crowns at Your Local W1 Dental Practice Get in touch

922269_blogCerec crowns can be done in a single visit to you local London W1 dentist. Unlike conventional crowns there is no need to take an impression of the teeth and have this sent away for creation. The Cerec system allows the dentist to take a digital image of your teeth and turn it into a 3D model. This model then allows the dentist to create the crown via the software and it can be sent to a milling machine that is located onsite.

It can take up to 30 minutes for the crown to be created, but compared to the usual waiting time this is nothing to be concerned about. The crown is milled out of a block of pure ceramic to create a crown that blends in with the rest of your smile.

The main plus of Cerec crowns is that they are created and fitted in a single visit, so patients do not require a temporary crown or additional time off work. They also contain no metal, which is preferable to some patients who are concerned about the use of metal in their mouths.

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