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Jun 17th, 2019 Cerec Technology and Cosmetic Dentistry in London Get in touch

London is one of the cities in the world where models and performers are seen everywhere. Proximity to theatres and fashion centres means Londoners are constantly exposed to impossibly good-looking models, artists and actors. We see them smiling while strolling around the shopping areas and may think only a celebrity could own such a smile.

The notion that only celebrities can have pearly white teeth and fabulous smile is no longer accurate. Recent progress in dental research has brought cosmetic dentistry closer to ordinary people. Nowadays, the smile of one’s dreams has become more available.

One particularly innovative aspect of cosmetic dentistry is Cerec technology. Cerec is the company that pioneered this innovation, and it is a genuinely efficient way to save time for the dentist and patient. With this technology, damaged teeth can be restored in just one visit using a computer application and high tech equipment.

In summary, a design is made using the graphic detail obtained from the computer impression and the resulting product is constructed and can be installed immediately. This innovation can create porcelain fillings, veneers and crowns while the patient waits. There is no need for a temporary crown and a second appointment, making the whole process convenient for patients who live busy lives.

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