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Jul 4th, 2010 Cerec – the future of dentistry at City of London dentists Get in touch

City of London dentists are always looking to use new technology to improve the standard of dental treatment. New devices and tools are being developed all the time aiming to make treatment more effective and efficient, not to mention more comfortable for the patient. One of the most incredible new dentistry tools to have been developed is Cerec. This is a revolutionary new system of making dental crowns, veneers and inlays that is set to change the face of dentistry.

Cerec works by using the power of 3D imaging and digital x-rays. These allow the dentist and instant view of the patient’s teeth in three dimensions. The image can be saved and is very accurate. This allows the dentist to design a new dental restoration on the computer with a great degree of accuracy. But here comes the really clever bit. Once happy with the design, the dentist can then send this information to a milling machine that is linked to the computer. This then sculpts the new restoration from a singe piece of porcelain. This process can take as little as six minutes per tooth and the resulting crown or veneer is perfectly accurate and sized and ready to be fitted into the mouth. The dentist can then fix the crown or veneer in the normal way using dental bonding.

This whole process can be achieved in little more than an hour meaning dental restorations, which used to take up to two weeks from start to finish can now be achieved in just one appointment. As you can see this is quite an amazing advancement in the field of dentistry and one which you too can now experience at your City of London dentist.

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