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Oct 8th, 2013 Checking your Teeth out in West London Get in touch

585986_blogWhen you are rushing around like a mad thing, it is very easy to put certain things aside in order to make deadlines that are set for you, and one of the most common things that are first to suffer from your over-active life is the dental check-up- and busy people often cancel this meeting first. It is a very stupid thing to do though, because you may think that you are on top of things at home with your oral hygiene, but you won’t spot nasty things going on like your dentist can- and it doesn’t take long for decay and disease to attack your teeth and gums. A quick probe and an x-ray will determine if you have missed anything; if you have, then you can get your dentist to repair you, if you haven’t, it means that what you are doing at home with your teeth is spot on. Dentists are also there to support you with your diet, your lifestyle and your general health, so don’t be coy about discussing anything at all- make the most of the time that you share with your dentist. Mulberry Dental Care can help you out with this as well, so give them a call and have a chat; they surf the west London area and can help you out with any problems you may be having.


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