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Sep 25th, 2012 Chewing your way to a healthy Mouth in Central London Get in touch

The mouth is a complex little thing but like everything in the body, it relies on the whole machine to be working properly in order to thrive. Diet is a massively important element in this as it keeps the immune system going and allows the saliva to flow freely in the mouth. Saliva is one of the body’s natural soldiers that helps to fight against bacteria spreading and from causing problems like tooth decay and gum disease to get a hold. But there are also other ways to keep the saliva levels up in central London apart from diet. Drinking lots of water is one, but probably the best is chewing gum, sugar free of course. Chewing gum helps activate the mouth’s saliva and has been proven to help hydrate the mouth. It is also great for helping to remove foodstuffs, neutralise acids from the surface of the teeth and reduce plaque build-up in the mouth. It can also help to stimulate the blood flow through the gums to stave off disease, re-energise the enamel in the teeth and help to avoid staining. But probably the greatest advantage to chewing gum is that it can cancel out bad breath and keep the mouth fresh. Considering that chewing gum at school used to be considered a stoning offence, head masters all round the world must be pulling their hair out with news like this!

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