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1787127_blogThe enamel which makes up your tooth is a tough substance. When well cared for it can last a whole lifetime. However, certain food and drink can wear this down over time and soften the tooth structure, making it vulnerable to robust wear and tear.

Breaking and chipping a tooth can be a traumatic experience and the dentists at Aqua are here to help in case of any dental emergency. You should give us a call immediately!

Do you scoff too many sweets?

Sugar is tooth enamel’s natural enemy as it softens the enamel and increases the spread of bacteria within your mouth. It is this bacterium which causes gum disease, tooth decay, infections and tooth avulsions.

As well as cutting out the sweets you should be mindful of the foods which are likely to break the teeth and cause chips.  Foods such as nuts, boiled sweets, ice and corn on the cob can are all hard substances which can cause the teeth to break.

There are many different cosmetic treatments available for chipped and broken teeth.  Porcelain dental crowns and onlays can strengthen the tooth structure and provide a lasting and natural look. Cosmetic bonding can also be applied to chipped teeth to maintain the appearance of a healthier smile. This is generally considered a painless, less invasive treatment but is likely to wear down sooner.

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