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Apr 9th, 2012 Choose a Smile Makeover You can Trust in London W1 Get in touch

1567900_blogThe dentists in London W1 are specialized in smile makeovers. They take into consideration your facial appearance, skin tone, lips etc to develop the smile that suits you the best.

A smile makeover is a good option for people who do not have a perfect smile. Teeth can become discoloured due to your diet, aging, smoking etc. Teeth whitening can remove the stains and improve the colour of the teeth. Specialised treatment includes porcelain veneers, lumineers, crowns and dental implants. If there are gaps between teeth, these can be can be reduced by aligning the teeth through a variety of cosmetic solutions.

There are instances when the smile may not look appealing due to badly aligned teeth. These can be straightened and properly aligned. Chipped, cracked or uneven teeth can be corrected with the help of veneers or crowns.

Before any of the treatment begins, the dentist will first evaluate your individual case along with the dental history. If there are any underlying problems, they will be treated first. Patients can now get a preview of what to expect from a smile makeover through the use of imaging software technology.

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