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Dec 17th, 2012 Choosing Clearstep in Central London Get in touch

There are a lot of treatments on the market in central London that work in different ways to straighten your teeth and Clearstep is no different. This process however is more designed to work on your upper front teeth with as much discretion as possible to you the wearer. You first need to be assessed in order to ascertain if your teeth suit this bespoke style of treatment and this will be done through a series of x-rays and then moulds will be taken in order to make the braces and aligners. One of Clearstep’s most popular choice in its range comes in the guise of 16 or so totally clear, removable, wafer thin ‘gum-shields’ that are changed regularly to ensure that your teeth are kept on the move and this will take around a year to 18 months to complete. However, Clearstep also has another couple of devices up its sleeve; one being the Lingual 6 which works in a similar way to traditional braces, except they are placed on the inside of the teeth, out of the way. The other technique is a fixed brace, but which uses clear ceramic pads placed on the outside of the teeth and joined by a clear wire. The pattern that is repeated through all of these devices is invisibility to others and Clearstep achieves this perfectly and again, with all of these devices, you are closely monitored throughout the treatment to ensure you get the best results possible.

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