Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Mar 7th, 2011 Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentistry in the City of London Get in touch

It’s never been a better time to opt for cosmetic treatments in the city of London and because there are so many remarkably efficient treatments on offer all around London, every dentist is vying for your custom, bringing the prices tumbling down. But first, it’s important to analyse the condition of your teeth so that you can get the best treatment. If your teeth are growing in all directions, it would be wise to have an aligner fitted before choosing your next steps. Generally this can take anywhere from 6-weeks to 2 years depending on how bad your teeth are. On the flip side of the coin, if your teeth are healthy with healthy gums, but are looking a little weary, you can get away with a bleaching treatment, available from either your dentist or across the counter at a chemist or supermarket- thanks to television, laser bleaching is the ‘in’ thing right now, being reasonably cheap and reasonably priced. But these will not cover up damage to the teeth such as gaps, cracks or chips. Cosmetic bonding is great for minor repairs, but veneers have become the patient’s favourite for covering up all manner of issues. Then we move into the field of tooth replacement. Dental implants have become quite a common treatment in surgery’s these days and once they are in the mouth, they’re there for life. They are excellent for anchoring the odd tooth, crowns, bridges and even dentures. Treatment times have become quicker too; it’s possible to have veneers, crowns or bridges, manufactured and fitted now in two hours!

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